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Check-in from H. 12.00-check-out by H. 10.30

Breakfast H. 07:00 – 10:00

Pets are welcome

Free luggage Storage

No smoking in all rooms


Booking conditions

The security of your data is a very important commitment to us.

Cash advances: The Hotel proscenium does not cash in advance any amount except for the rooms sold on offer "Prepaid NON refundable".

Cancellation Policy: The cancellation and No Show terms listed below are valid only for bookings made directly at Hotel Bel Soggiorno. Any reservation made through OTA/on Line Travel Agency has different conditions on which we cannot intervene.

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel the booked rooms without any penalty, up to 24 hours from the date of arrival included. For cancellations beyond the above term no penalty will be required if the rooms will be rented to other customers, otherwise will be charged, on the credit card given to the guarantee, the agreed amount of the first night for each room cancelled.

No show (when the customer does not disclaim and does not show up in the hotel): In case of no shows will be charged the price of the entire stay for each room.

The preauthorization: The hotel Bel Soggiorno reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card before the arrival of the customer, requiring a pre-authorization to the circuit of belonging. With the preauthorization the hotel guarantees the temporary availability of the total amount of the stay, or of a part, to make sure that the credit card is valid. No amount is cashed. The preauthorization expires automatically after 20 days from the request date and the amount is freed. In case of negative preauthorization the customer will be notified and the reservation will be cancelled. In this case the hotel will not have any obligation towards the customer.

Reprotection: If, by our mistake or by occurred cause, we were unable to comply with the terms of a confirmed and guaranteed reservation, it will be our obligation to provide the customer with an alternative accommodation that satisfies the same quality and the same Price agreed with us. The non-acceptance by the customer of the alternative accommodation, frees the Hotel proscenium from any obligation.

Only for the bad: to the customer that for misuse, negligence or carelessness damages the structure, its equipments or objects in use, will be charged the amounts necessary for repairs, substitutions and cleaning of the case. For the insured subtraction you will proceed under the law. To those who do not respect the prohibition of smoking in the room, which we kindly observe in a polite manner, will be applied an increase on the price of the room, equal to 75% of the price paid by way of reimbursement for the cleaning operations and wee of the room.


Hotel Bel Soggiorno

Via XX settembre 19

I - 16121 Genova - GE

Phone +39 010 542880

Fax +39 010 532025


CITR Code: 010025-alb-0031


Boccascena Hotel

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